I am so sorry for the seem to be dead blog. Have not been updating it for quite some time.
Have been hectic for the past 3 weeks due to 7 days help out at a relative's funeral, loads of assignments to be rushed and preparation for law test which ended last week. So I am sort of free for now. hehe

Will be updating by tomorrow

- Malacca Trip
- Gim Keat's Birthday
- Bibiwok Dinner
- Jen Mei & Kristina's Birthday
- and random stuff ?

Start reading tomorrow yea!! =)

A visit to High Court @ Jalan Duta

Waking up at 5.30 in the morning is not my daily routine. And the night before I slept at 2am. 3 1/2 hours of insufficient sleep. This is because we had to be in college by 7am cos the bus will be leaving at that time. This is my 1st time reaching college when it's still dark out there. haha

We took 1 1/2 hour to reach KL Court Complex at Jalan Duta. The jam was not that bad. Otherwise we will take longer then that. We met up with the Australians from Curtin Perth. We were given 3 hours to explore and hear cases in the courts. [ cases were mostly in Malay and I doubt the Australians and Africans from our campus would understand anything regarding bout the cases ]

And the rest of it, let the pictures do the talking. I'm just too lazy to write more =P


And the solution to boredom. =D


The view from the court. A business library and museum as what we've been told

Taking pictures in the court is PROHIBITED. DO NOT DO THIS.

S, M , and L. hahaha

Do Re Mi =P

Kristina and I

T___T Jen punched ME!

I was carrying a book written ' Let us all make you smile'. lol

Last group picture before we left

Picture of the day. Watch out


Don't mess with them. Or they'll punch you right on your face. wahaha
Charlie's Angels???



Feel the blazing fire and the heat of the music in the cool misty breeze of the night!
Knight Castle 09
will be a flaring heart-beating dance party on the top of le highland hills for an exhilarating experience!
Shine your shields and armours, gather your potions and spells!
Prepare yourself for a blasting magical night under the moonlight with thumping bass till the break-of-dawn!
On the 24th of April 2009, from 6pm till 3am at Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi ( Near to Genting )

For more info, please log on to this website Or you can contact Andy at 0192255113 for more enquiries about the event and the tickets as well. Another alternative is to call their hotline at 03-7880 7999. Let's join the awesome huge Rave Party!!


A stressful week ahead...

Two weeks back, I just did Law test and another law test is coming in 2 days. T___T
This test includes more chapters and readings which caused my confusion ratings increased. Reading and memorizing facts would be simple but getting to understand the case studies is rather shitty.
Am thankful that I got 15.5 out of 20 for my 1st test. But this time, how much would I scored?

It's a 4 consecutive weeks of exams. 2 weeks ago was Law, last week was Accounting, and this week we have Law again and Economics ( chap1-7. OMG! T__T ). Next week would be Business Information System.
Sigh. I have no choice but to cope with all these stress. I am gonna be real busy and so I won't be updating my blog till then.

Good Luck
to those who's having the same fate as me =D

Save Our Earth

WARNING! Global warming is getting worse.

Ever wonder why going under the hot sun nowadays just for a few minutes can caused you sweating excessively and feeling " barbecued "?
Global warming is the key to this question. But don't blame it, blame ourselves for destroying our used-to-be wonderful planet that we lived in. Yea, even me. =P

So PEOPLE, let's do something bout it! Let us all start contributing in saving our PLANET!

And we begin with Earth Hour 2009. On the 28th of March 2009 folks, at 8.30pm, PLEASE REMEMBER to turn off your lights for only one hour. just ONE hour! It won't kill or bring any harms but indeed this will eventually save our planet and us too.

Even KL Tower, Penang Bridge, KL Sentral and etc are participating. =D


Even better, sign up to pledge your support at . There are informations, videos, polls votes, events going on and what can you do more other then turning off the lights from this website. So click on it people!

You can also join the Earth Hour Malaysia group on Facebook. And you can get the information of getting the shirt as well from this group. So Malaysians, do join the group.

Let us all vote for Earth!

Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming. So which would you vote?
So together we VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour.
Together we can make a difference =D

p/s . It's lights out tomorrow at 8.30 pm-9.30 folks!

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Host :
Cliche Events & Live and Bar
Type :
Network :
Start Time :
Friday, March 27, 2009 at 9:00pm
End Time :
Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 3:00am
Location :
Live and Bar, Platinum Club
Street :
Jalan Lagoon Selatan (same row as Monash University)

This is open to all college students who would like to enjoy a CRAZY PARTY!
Come and have fun, at our first of many events to come.
Bring your friends and have the party of your life!

Dress Code: HOW CRAZY ARE YOU !! (*no slippers, shorts, round neck t-shirts or BORING clothes.)

Music: Groove to the beats of Mambo/Retro, Electro House & Party Vibes with a mix of contemporary RnB/Hip Hop.

RM 20/ entry ( with one free drink )

RM 10/ entry ( with bottle purchase)

- Black Label
Pre-purchase | Door-purchase
1 for RM 265 RM 285
2 for RM 510 RM 560
3 for RM 760 RM 810
4 for RM 1000 RM 1060

1 for RM 235/RM 245

1 for RM 240

-Beer - Happy hour all night long

(All our bottles are 1 LITRE and all our prices are NETT)

This event is strictly for adults aged 18 years and above.
I-C or Passport is required.

For further details on any aspect of the event or enquiries on bottle promotions, please contact :

Ian - 012 3247194
Raj - 016 2897545
Shawn - 012 9778466

*It is advised that party-goers purchase their tickets prior to the event as places are limited. Call any one of the above numbers to RSVP, as a confirmation on this page isn't an official reservation.

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Went to KLCC with family yesterday to get some stuff and my mom wanted to get a bag from Isetan.
Before heading to KLCC, we went to Old Klang Road for lunch. An old and dirty coffee shop selling only chicken/char siew (stewed pork) / siew yuk ( roasted pork ) rice. My dad said they sell one of the best ' siew yuk' in town.

Mooi Mooi Coffeeshop. =D

Before entering the shop, many customers can be seen waiting to take away as they stood near the stall. And of cos, the small shop was crowded and stuffy. Getting the waiter to take your orders would be fast but waiting for the food to be served would be rather disappointed. It took us almost 30-40 minutes to wait for the dishes to be served. =.=* damn hungry-lar!

Dad ordered 2 plates of meats; siew yuk and roasted chicken. And the portion was rather less for 4 persons. recession meh?

The siew yuk

The roasted chicken

Overall, the siew yuk was crispy and juicy. A thumb up for this. I actually expected more from the siew yuk. haha. As for the roasted chicken, it was just as ordinary as the normal roasted chicken. I like the aromatic rice though. Different kind of aromatic.
The cons are the portion was little and the price was not cheap. RM35 for 4 persons. * excluding drinks *. wtf wtf. And they havto definitely improve their service as in the serving food to customers faster.

If you wanna get there, I can't direct you from here. You can leave comments and I'll tell you the directions.